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Die Meester se Verdigsel

Die Meester se Verdigsel

The Master's Ruse, a sensuous, allegorical master-class in the writing of fiction, is now available in Afrikaans. This is its second translation following the Swedish edition.

Portrait of the artist

I live in Cape Town and may never be able to leave because of the wind which I love.

I own a collection of Shona pots and a cabinet of curiosities including shells, feathers, quills, fossils, seed pods, tea cups and shards of old china.

Opera, theatre, art exhibitions and wilderness give me great pleasure.

Heart of Africa! Poems of love, loss & longing

Heart of Africa

A compelling anthology of voices that reveal love's infinitely varied & detailed fabric.

Maggie, Mango and Scottie - an adventure in Africa, beautifully illustrated by Leigh Banks, is my latest book for children.